Happy Springtime Floral Manicure

I went to the esNAIL salon in LA last month and saw this adorable design that I just had to recreate. I figured since it's now spring it'd be the perfect time to paint these. The flowers and leaves are freehand but since it's such a loose design, it's very easy to paint. All you need are 4 colors of your choice, a thin nail art brush, and two round golden studs (one for each hand). You can use whatever colors you'd like but I chose these cause they looked bright and refreshing like pink lemonade.

To start off, paint your index and pinkie nails white, your ring and thumb nails yellow, and your middle finger pink. Use a thin brush dipped in white to loosely dab rounded areas where the flowers will be placed. Lightly dip your brush in pink and green to create the middle of the flowers and then in the green to create the leaves. You want to use light brushstrokes and dab most of the color on throughout this whole process. If you'd like, you can add little dots in between the flowers to fill in the gaps. Finish off with a fast drying top coat and quickly add the round stud to the top of your middle finger.

  • Pointe Blanche by Orly
  • Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
  • Pink by Unknown

  • Nail Envy by OPI
  • Good to Go Top Coat by Essie

  • Thin Brush and Dotting Tool from eBay

Hope this mani inspires you like it inspired me! Happy springtime :)

AKA Jazzy