My name is Jasmine Rossol and I'm the nail artist behind Californails. I started creating nail art July of 2012 when I became obsessed with watching nail art tutorials on YouTube. My first design was a sea foam ombre and it just went on from there!

I'm always trying to squeeze in time to paint my nails and feel so happy and accomplished when I've created and posted a nail design that I'm proud of. I like to put a lot of time and effort into each design, not only creating the work but photographing and editing each photo till I have a set that I'm excited to post.

I started out on Instagram and am so blessed and grateful to have made it this far. I have such amazing and supportive followers and am so grateful for all the new experiences and opportunities that have come from this hobby.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
If you'd like to contact me, you can visit this link here.